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New Book by Kate McPherson

2011 Book Cover

The Search Institute new guide to service-learning


The Search Institute has just published Learn, Serve, Succeed: Tools and Techniques for Youth Service-Learning by Kate McPherson. The book is available online directly from the publisher.


Participants will:

  1. Clarify the purpose of the Culminating Project
  2. Develop a plan that provides clarity and support for students.
  3. Explore ways the district and/or school can benefit from mobilizing supportive partnerships.

Hear what youth have done and what helps them succeed.
Discuss the purpose and value of a Culminating Project (CP) and how it can serve as an effective demonstration of academic learning and civic skills.
Explore ways the CP can serve as part of the new classroom based assessment of Civic EALRS
Learn how schools and teachers have effectively included civic action in their culminating projects.
Review the new District Planning Guide for Civically Rich Culminating Projects which includes:

  • Clear and Aligned Purpose.
  • Explicit, Rigorous Standards .
  • Student-Directed Learning and Youth Engagement.
  • Clear Scaffolding and Support of Skills.
  • Authentic Project Development
  • Community Involvement
  • Coordination and Comprehensive Communication.
  • On Going Professional Development Support and Program Improvement
  • Celebration and Recognition.
  • Risk Management and Liability
  • Build connections to students’ post high school plans.

For information regarding summer institutes and other training opportunities, contact contact Dianne Keely at 360-750-7500 or