Curriculum-based Planning Process


A Planning Process for Curriculum-Based Service-Learning

Working Title:



Community Partners:


Why are you developing a service-learning program? What are the primary ways that students will benefit from this service-learning program?

Project Description:

Essential (Guiding) Question (EQ)

What possible EQ comes to our mind? How will you enable students to define a central question or issue for this project?


What skills, attributes and knowledge will they gain? Where possible, build connections to specific state standards.

Essential Learning #1:

Essential Learning #2:

Essential Learning #3:

Civic Skills

What civic attributes, knowledge or skills will be fostered by this project?

SCAN Skills (Work related skills or career awareness):

How will you know if students have learned or applied these skills?

Rubric/Scoring Guide

How will you assess student learning? (Multiple choice, essay, teacher designed questions, interviews, performance assessment, other?) What do you need to collect or administer to prove that students developed and can apply the desired skills or attributes?

High Stakes Audience

How can the product or service be of value to the greater community?

How will you involve the community or school in assessing and reviewing student work?

How can you maximize the role and resources of the community?



What do you need to teach or have students experience so they will master and apply core academic skills?

What preparation does the community need so they can effectively engage students and maximize student learning?


How will you involve the students in the design and implementation of the service projects so the projects are meaningful to the community and students?


How will you encourage reflection and other metacognitive activities?

How will you help students see connections between the course objectives and the service-learning project?


What curricular and educational materials will students receive?


What resources, transportation, supplies and/or equipment will students need to accomplish the objectives?

Action Plan

What?     Who? When?


How will you assess the impact on the community?

How will you assess the educational value of the project?

How will you celebrate your success?

Who will you share you project with (media, district, school, parents)?


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