Ways to Enrich Classroom Teaching

Five questions can help you design a service-learning project that is aligned with a chose class topic or content. ( Questions developed by Jim and Pam Toole) This project-based approach to teaching and learning can provide students with authentic tasks through which they can learn and apply core classroom.

Teaching Others:
Could you teach what you have learned ( skills or knowledge) to an audience beyond the classroom?

Developing a Product or Performance:
Could your efforts be shaped into a product or performance to be given to someone beyond the teacher?

Problem Solve:
Could you help solve a real concern in the school or the community?

Address Policy:
Could you use what you have learned to advocate for a change in public policy?

Develop Philanthropic Ventures:
Could you write a grant or raise money to fund a project or social entrepreneurial venture?

Ideas for:


Social Studies (History, Civics)

Foreign Languages









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