Washington State Reading, Writing, and Communication EALRs
Reading 2.3. Expand comprehension by analyzing, interpreting, and synthesizing information and ideas in literacy and informational text.
Reading 3.1. Read to learn new information.
Reading 3.2. Read to perform a task
Writing 2.1. Adapts writing for a variety of audiences.
Writing 2.2. Writes for different purposes.
Writing 3.1. Develops ideas and organizes writing.
Writing 3.2. Uses appropriate style.
Writing 3.3. Knows and applies appropriate grade level writing conventions.
Writing 4.1. Analyzes and evaluates others’ and own writing.
Communication 1.2 Understands, analyzes, synthesizes, or evaluates information from a variety of sources.
Communication 2.1. Uses language to interact effectively and responsibly in a multicultural context.
Communication 2.2. Uses interpersonal skills and strategies in a multicultural context to work collaboratively, solve problems, and perform tasks.
Communication 2.3. Uses skills and strategies to communicate inter-culturally
Communication 3.1. Uses knowledge of topic/theme, audience, and purpose to plan presentations.
Communication 3.2. Uses media and other resources to support presentations.
Communication 3.3. Uses effective delivery.
Communication 4.1. Assesses effectiveness of one’s own and others’ communication.
Communication 4.2. Sets goals for improvement.

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