I. Community Partners

  • Sifton Elementary (100 5th grade students)
    610 students, 46 percent receive free/reduced-price lunch
  • Orchards Elementary (100 5th grade students)
    586 students, 67 percent free/reduced-price lunch
“For our fifth graders, the relationships with the older students have been key. The students are really attached to each other; the younger students looked up to the older students and relied on their expertise.”
— Sherri Ike, Teacher, Orchard Elementary School.

Community Partnership Development
“This project was a two-way street from planning to execution. It gave us all a greater appreciation for what happens in other buildings and grade levels in the district.” – Teacher Sherri Ike Orchards Elementary

The key partners for this program were two elementary schools that feed Heritage High School – Sifton and Orchards Elementary Schools. The Heritage teachers agreed that communication – face-to-face meetings and LOTS of emails – helped them develop relationships with their colleagues, which was key to their successful partnership.

Teachers held two planning meetings – in June and August 2007. It included 5th and 10th grade teachers who framed out the key learning goals for the project and made connections to the 5th and 10th grade WASL content, fifth grade learning goals and exit project. Providing pizza and paid planning time helped the teachers feel valued and created a professional learning community.

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