• Students will learn the effects of human choice over time.
  • Students will understand multiple perspectives related to settlement, economic and cultural prosperity.
  • Students will understand relationship between resources and economy.
  • Students will understand that cultural values change over time.
  • Students will understand that individual beliefs and values influence personal positions on controversial issues.

Washington State Social Studies EALRS
History 1.2 Understanding events, trends, individuals, and movements shaping the United States.
History 2.1 Compare and contrast ideas in different places, time periods, and cultures, and examine the interrelationships between ideas, change and conflict.
Geography 3.1 Identify and examine people’s interaction with and impact on the environment.
Geography 3.2 Analyze how the environment and environmental changes affect people.
Economic 1.1 Understand that the condition of scarcity requires people to choose among alternatives and bear the consequences of that choice.
Economic 1.2 Recognize that the availability and use of resources influences the production of goods and services in the economy.
Civics 1.2.2b Describe efforts to reduce differences between democratic ideals and realities.
Civics 4.3.2a Analyze the influence of various interest groups and individuals on the development of public policy and decision-making.

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