Vertical Teaming Science Fair

Grade: 10th grade (180 students)
Content Area: Science

Essential Question:
How do we engage as learners in the world?

About This Project:
During December 2008, the gym at Heritage High School was abuzz as 200 elementary students described their science research projects to parents and hundreds of guests. Standing beside these students were their high school mentor who beamed with pride as their elementary buddies defined terms and explained their science fair buddies. The goal behind the “vertical teaming” was to identify students (tenth graders and fifthgraders) who were struggling academically, specifically with science, says Heritage Assistant Principal Randy Brosius. “When we looked at our middle school data, there was a staggering number of students who were failing and not performing well on the science portion of the WASL,” he recalls. “The project gave us a way to prepare for the science WASL in a way that the students found relevant,” says Sherri Ike, a fifth grade teacher at Orchards Elementary. “We took components of the district’s required fifth grade inquiry exit project and combined it withWASL concepts, such as investigation.” Read more.

Teacher Profiles:

Randy Brosius has been Assistant Principal at Heritage High School since 2003. His career started in 1991 as a 7th and 8th grade science teacher in the Evergreen School District. Randy also opened the district’s newest middle school, Shahala, as an assistant principal, was in charge of science education, and led the school for three years before moving to Heritage High School. rbrosius@egreen.wednet.edu

Eric Harpe is a science teacher at Heritage High School and a National Board certified teacher. Eric has taught in the Evergreen School district for 13 years. eharpe@egreen.wednet.edu

Aaron Reilly is a science and math teacher at Heritage High School, where he has taught since 2002. Subjects he has taught include biology, physical science, pre-AP biology, pre-AP chemistry, integrated math I and AVID. areilly@egreen.wednet.edu

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