V. Action

Students were required to individually research and write a paper about a social justice topic of choice using the required paper format. To assist the student with their research and analysis, the teachers developed an analytic research template for the student to use which as students for their essential question, topic sentence, evidence, analysis, and citations. Once the papers were completed and turned it, students’ peer and the teacher used feedback forms to provide feedback on each paper.

In addition to writing a paper, students worked in teams to produce a public service announcement (PSA). The PSAs were to be 3-5 minutes in length, describe their issue using relevant and powerful images, clearly communicate their issue and include a call to action so that the viewers could contact a community service agency to get more information. Students used a planning form to assist with identifying roles and clearly identify group and individual responsibilities. We also distributed a timeline.

As part of their PSA work, students began to define and script their message. Next they collected and shot footage for their PSA. When they had a rough cut, we would take time during class to screen it and give feedback using the Wows and Wonders protocol.

Students were also required to develop a booth to share information and resources about the social justice issue that they researched. Students were encouraged to create a multi-media display, as well as brochures and tri-fold display boards. The teams used planning forms to work through all of the details. During the Expo, the student booths were located next to the booth of the social service agency that they highlighted in their PSA.

As students began to prepare for the Film Festival and Community Service Expo, we identified four distinct roles and responsibilities and assigned students to them: logistics, theme/decorations, program, and communications.

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