I. Community Partners

Veterans of Foreign War 180 (http://www.vfwpost180.us/index2.html)
This organization served as a guide for the whole project. Their President was featured as a war veteran in the students’ anthology, and he contacted members of the post for students to interview. Their involvement was integral to the students’ success.

Africa House (http://www.irco.org/)
Africa House is program of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) and serves recent refugees from Africa. Their mission is to provide for the basic needs of refugees while creating a sense of community among Africans living in Portland. They hosted an afternoon for students to interview several people and also sponsored a celebratory dinner after the students presented the donation from the proceeds of their book.

Write Around Portland (http://www.writearound.org/)
This organization designed a writer’s workshop specifically for this project and donated their time with students. A facilitator met with the students once a week to help them process the intense interviews with survivors of war. This partnership was a key ingredient to the overall impact of the project.

Camp Myrtlewood (http://campmyrtlewood.org/)
The managers of this camp, long peace activists and educators, hosted our students for a Memorial Day Weekend of Service. During the busy two days they found time to engage students in a frank conversation about the nature of war and peace, including their own stories of activism in Ireland and Sudan. This activity made the project come alive for students as they began to see the true power of asking people to share their stories.

Park Place Coffee (http://parkplacecoffee.com/)
This local coffee shop rests a few blocks away from the school and is dedicated to building a positive sense of community in the Rockwood neighborhood. Students chose to hold their “Speak Out” event at Park Place Coffee, and they provided refreshments and the space for no cost. They continue to be an important partner to the school.

VSR Graphics
This printing company printed and bound the anthology. They will soon be printing a second edition as the first was sold out.

Students interviewed community members from the following organizations for their anthology. We appreciate their commitment to working with young people.

Veterans for Peace (http://www.veteransforpeace.org/)

Recruiter Watch (http://www.myspace.com/rwpdxcoalition)

Citizens for Global Solutions (http://www.globalsolutions.org/)

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