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Ideas for Enriching English Classes:


Intergenerational Writing:
Students in sophomore English interviewed elderly residents of the Gig Harbor community who had lived there for most of their lives and then wrote a book based on the interviews and research. This service project tied to the tenth grade English curriculum in the interview process, research paper writing, and essay writing.

Writing Children’s Literature:
Sophomore English students write a book for elementary students. This service activity is linked to the curriculum through journal entries, papers on childhood heroes and other childhood topics. This activity enriches the elementary curriculum and develops an intergenerational relationship between 10th graders and primary students. The books that are written by the high school students are permanently bound and students can donate the books to the elementary students or loan.

Writing About Public Issues:
Students can use their writing skills to help inform others about public issues or to share their own perspectives. Through letters to the editor, Amnesty International and on line projects, students can inform and influence others.

Reading and Literacy

Check out the Best Practices section for some very effective programs that enable students to use their own reading skills to help others.