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Ideas for Enriching Science Classes:
Science Standards

Life Science
Use observable characteristics to the qualities, traits and behavior of living organisms.

Component: Identify, describe and categorize living things based on their characteristics.

Possible Projects:

  • Develop a bird sanctuary on the school grounds and use the bird marking to and animals to group them to determine their species.
  • Develop a board game that categorizes stream organisms. Use the board game to teach others.
  • Complete EPA Streamwalks surveys to identify, describe and categorize stream organisms.
  • Develop an illustrated book of stream animals for the local park.
  • Develop computer game where students cluster organisms into groups.
  • Identify stream organisms, categorize and report them to EPA.
  • Develop a walking guide of animal and plant groups for the local nature trails.
  • Develop a display/ plaque for trails depicting different animal type.

Component: Measure properties and characteristics using quantitative and analytical techniques.
Possible Projects:

  • Students measure water temperature, volume and acidity as part of stream monitoring project.
  • Teach an interactive science unit for elementary students.
  • Use knowledge of these skills to plan and bake a meal for a large group at a local shelter.
  • Provide energy audits for community members.
  • Develop an effective way to monitor the school’s recycling program.

Science related Service-Learning Projects:

  • Ravenna Creek Project Bryant Elementary students learned science categorization and investigation skills as they studied a local stream habitat.
  • Native Plant Nursery Issaquah Middle Schools science students learned and reinforced their understanding a botany and basic biology as they grew a plants in their native plant nursery.
  • Science Activity Center Science students in Gig Harbor High School coordinated a science activity center at the neighboring elementary school. There they taught lessons in chemistry, physics, and biology.
  • DNA Research Students at Davis High School (Yakima) provided primary data on DNA sequencing which helps to advance knowledge in the field.
  • Community Science Fair High School students worked with elementary students to help them prepare for a community wide science fair.
  • Field Ecology students helped oversee stream assessment efforts.