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What is School-Based Service-Learning?

Recently, a group of young people, ages 11-25, from around the state of Washington defined service-learning as:

Service is…

  • doing something to help someone else.
  • doing something you feel good about.
  • doing something for others even if it doesn’t help you.
  • giving a community contribution.
  • having a commitment to the well-being of the community.
  • strengthening community values.
  • seeing a need and acting on behalf of it.

Learning is…

  • teaching others.
  • understanding something new.
  • being open to knowledge.
  • gaining experience.
  • putting something into your long-term memory.

trial and error.
struggle leading to progress.
character building.

School-Based Service-Learning is…

  • restoring a stream habitat as part of your biology class.
  • using what you are learning in school to help others.
  • writing stories and making books for a Head Start program as part of your English class.
  • painting a mural over an area that usually gets “tagged” by graffiti as part of your art class.