I. Community Partners

Juanita Jefferson – Lummi Nation Archives

Juanita is the director of the Lummi Nation Archives, and was referred to us by one of our students’ parents. When I called Juanita she was happy to hear about the project because it could allow the Lummi Elders, WHS Students and the greater Ferndale Community to get to know each other on a personal basis. After a good phone conversation I asked if it would be alright for history teacher Adam Goldstein, English Teacher Paul Lewis and I to come out to the Archives and to visit with her about our project in more depth. When we arrived Juanita was very friendly and enthusiastic to share background information about the Lummi people. After a good conversation, we asked Juanita if she could refer us to elders in the community that might be interested in working with us on the project, and she gracefully directed us to contact Ethyl Hillaire at Little Bear Creek.

Louise Sagger – Ferndale Heritage Society

Louise is our main contact for the Ferndale Heritage Society and was very helpful during our most recent Oral History Project: Echoes of History Lummi and Early Whatcom County History by providing names and contact information of Ferndale community members who belonged to the Heritage society and would be good candidates for our students to interview. The partnership started three years ago when the Heritage Society contacted WHS technology teacher Kris DeBruine and community coordinator April Busch with the idea of having students produce a video documenting the Cedar Slab Cabins at Ferndale’s Pioneer Park.

Ethyl Hillaire – Little Bear Creek Assisted Living Facility

Ethyl was our initial contact at Little Bear Creek Senior Center and Assisted Living Facility, and at the time she was working as activities coordinator for the organization. We were referred to her by Juanita Jefferson at the Lummi Archives as the person who could allow us permission to speak with the elders. After meeting with her and getting some additional background on the Lummi people we asked if it would be possible to ask the elders if they would like to participate in the oral history project. Ethyl said that we could come back in a couple of days to talk with the elders during their lunch. When we returned, Adam Goldstein addressed the elders and gave a quick impromptu presentation on the project and we progressed to schedule individual interviews with the interested parties.

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