X. Artifacts

The following Artifacts are referred to throughout this project, and are listed here for reference.

  • Artifact 1 – Picture of Little Bear Creek Assisted Living Facility
  • Artifact 2 – 1904 Photograph of the Ferndale Grade School
  • Artifact 3 – Photo of Lummi Elder, Mary Helen Cagey with native artwork
  • Artifact 4 – Student Notes from Interview with Mary Helen Cagey
  • Artifact 5 – Interview photo of students with descendent of local settlers, Fred Stutcliff, at Windward High School
  • Artifact 6 – Action photo at Windward High School of local settler descendent, Dick Stone, talking about his experiences growing up in Whatcom Country
  • Artifact 7 – Interview photo of students (including one Lummi student) with Lummi elder, Armour James at Little Bear Creek
  • Artifact 8 – An example of the final group narrative for Mary Helen Cagey, a Lummi Elder
  • Artifact 9 – An example of the final student narrative for Dick Stone, a descendent of Whatcom County settlers.
  • Artifact 10 and Artifact 11 – Two different examples of the final student reflections for Lummi Elder Mary Helen Cagey

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