VI. Demonstration/Celebration

The conceptual plan for the final event; was designed by students, but the teachers actually made the arrangements with the coffee house and prepared the program and flyers. Students prepared invitations for the community partners and also invited their families and teachers.

At the Speak Out, all the students read an excerpt from an interview and shared their own poetry and reflections. Each community participant in the project was a presented with a copy of the book and a certificate. Before the students spoke they invited the person interviewed to stand and be recognized.

At the close of the evening the students had raised nearly $1,000 for Africa House from the proceeds of their book and were visibly euphoric. The fact that their work had turned into a book and one that was professionally published made a tremendous impact on them. Students fingered their books, finding their poetry and words, and were very protective; several begged their parents to buy several.

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