VI. Demo/Celebration

In the spring, every Riverdale senior presents his or her senior exhibition work twice. They first demonstrate their research, service, and public presentation skills as they lead the third all-school panel, which includes an hour presentation and discussion with students and teachers. Many students present their research and service projects to peers and faculty advisor in a PowerPoint presentation. In any case, the peers and advisors ask probing questions so students think more deeply about what they have learned and are held accountable to rigorous project standards. (You can find more details in the Preparation Section.)

At the end of the school year, students celebrate their learning and service through a public presentation for their family, friends and community members. Students invite people who are important to them and host a festive event frequently in a community setting. Each student designs this event to suite her style. This is an opportunity for community members who have benefited from the project to see all the elements of the completed project.

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