II. Goals/Standards

  1. To increase 5th and 10th graders understanding of the inquiry process and provide them with authentic opportunities to work with the inquiry process and actively evaluate the process through the work of their peers.
  2. To build an opportunity for the 5th and 10th graders to have meaningful time to develop relationships to further their global understanding of their place in society.
Science Standards (EALRs) Met:
Inquiry: The student knows and applies the scientific ideas, skills, processes of investigation, and the nature of science.

Inquiry describes the skills necessary to investigate systems and asks students to understand the nature of science, which gives integrity to scientific investigations. Inquiry represents the application of science concepts and principles to the scientific investigative processes that aims to answer scientific questions about the natural world. These concepts, principles, and processes are expressed in two components:

2.1 Investigating Systems: Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to do scientific inquiry.
2.2 Nature of Science: Understand the nature of scientific inquiry

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