II. Goals/Standards

Quarter 1 – Goals

  • Practice active, compassionate listening to understand different perspectives.
  • Understand the difference between dialogue and debate.
  • Learn and practice the basic strategies of dialogue through listening, discussion, writing, and regular reflection.
  • Read poetry, articles, and personal narratives for understanding, meaning and significance to the world context.
  • Work together with others toward a common understanding of important issues.

Quarter 2 – Goals

  • Prepare effective, meaningful questions for interviews about sensitive subjects.
  • Ask follow-up questions during an interview to deepen the conversation.
  • Interview war veterans, soldiers, peace activists and others about their experiences.
  • Understand the complexity of war from different perspectives.
  • Develop a better understanding of your own perspective on the issues we explore by working with Write Around Portland.
  • Publish an Anthology of Voices about Conflict & Community.
  • Present the anthology to the community through a public reading and fundraiser.

The class was designed meet the state standards for listening and writing

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